Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogger Blunders

Who could ever imagined that creating a blog and uploading a few videos would be a big deal? Well, a glass (yes a full glass of wine) and many, many hours later, I have created a blog!! More importantly, I added a post to that blog. I have a friend that I applauded for writing a blog in bible study. After chastising her recently for not posting enough (she had writer's block).....what was I thinking? Writer's block, how about not being smart enough to get this thing up and going?! Matt often applauds my writing skills (usually a complaint letter to someone for something) and says I should write. "Write what I say?" Now that I have a forum--I may just do so! Now you don't have to follow me, subscribe to my blog or be a faithful reader. In fact, you don't have to ever look again. Just knowing that I can write about whatever I want, when I want and hit the "publish" button feels good. My husband is the "IT guy" and my "go-to" for all things technical. But guess what?? I don't need an IT guru--because I did it all by myself! Yeah! -Night,night Alli

Grace's Graduation (2 of 2)

Grace's Graduation (1 of 2)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dancing Dollies

Emme had her 2nd recital today! She and her sweet little group of friends tapped their way through the song Dancing Dollies. After a rocky rehearsal I wasn't quite sure what she'd do on stage! At this age, some stand in shock, others cry, some go crazy and then some do the Julie-Louis Dryfus from Seinfeld. That is where I thought Emme was headed! It was a great day and Emme did a terrific job. She performed near the end of the program and was so tickled with the roses Grace had for her. In fact as we were headed down the steps of Hillsboro High she said, "I want to do that again next year!"