Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogger Blunders

Who could ever imagined that creating a blog and uploading a few videos would be a big deal? Well, a glass (yes a full glass of wine) and many, many hours later, I have created a blog!! More importantly, I added a post to that blog. I have a friend that I applauded for writing a blog in bible study. After chastising her recently for not posting enough (she had writer's block).....what was I thinking? Writer's block, how about not being smart enough to get this thing up and going?! Matt often applauds my writing skills (usually a complaint letter to someone for something) and says I should write. "Write what I say?" Now that I have a forum--I may just do so! Now you don't have to follow me, subscribe to my blog or be a faithful reader. In fact, you don't have to ever look again. Just knowing that I can write about whatever I want, when I want and hit the "publish" button feels good. My husband is the "IT guy" and my "go-to" for all things technical. But guess what?? I don't need an IT guru--because I did it all by myself! Yeah! -Night,night Alli

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